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Inspired by Finnish and Irish mythology, this story explore Man's rape of the world's seas and oceans through the dark and vengeful Fishcoat.  Included in "The Ogham Stone" Literary & Arts Journal 2016, alongside writers and poets such as Joseph O'Connor and Paula Meehan, this was my first short story to be published.  For further details see


Reworking the Irish myth of the Leanne Sidhe into modern Belfast, this story won the fantasy category of Metamorphose's 2nd Annual Writing Contest in the US, and was subsequently published in Metamorphose V2.  For further details see

The Session

Inspired by a story from British folklore, where a fiddler tricks a wedding party into dancing on the Sabbath, a mysterious low whistle player joins an Irish music session.  "The Session" won the Luna Press Publishing "Writers and Illustrators Contest" 2016, and was subsequently published in "Beyond Realities Vol II".  For further details see

Coiste  Bodhar, "The Silent Coach."

Based on the Irish legend of the headless horseman, the Dullahan, this story was published on the online Horror magazine, Horla, in 2020 and was short-listed in 2015 Aeon Award, Dublin.

The Wind Has Claws.

Originally titled "A Host Rising", this story is based on the Irish legend of The Sluagh, and set in the shadow of Knocknarea in County Sligo, this story achieved Special Mention in Fabula Press's Nivalis award in 2016.  For futher details see

Caretaker of the Dead

Set in County Roscommon, this story is inspired by the old rural graveyard that can be seen from our house. Full of atmosphere, and a massive inspiration for me, similar graveyards can be found throughout the Irish countryside.

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The Music of Ghosts
A collection of short stories

The Clootie Tree

Set in Northern Scotland, this story is based on the pagan practice of tying rags or clooties to tree and is, in part, inspired by the Irish Traveller song, "The well below the valley". The version sung by Christy Moore is as haunting as is it beautiful.

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