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The Emerald Tree

In Book II in the Carrowkeel Series, Jasmine and Seamus travel back in time to rescue Malachy, and stop the dark druid, Ellyllon.

Allied with Granuaile, the Pirate Queen, Jasmine's powers hold the key to defeating Ellyllon. But dark voices have awakened inside her, and they are growing stronger.



Nina Oram has surpassed herself with The Emerald Tree, and crafted a great swashbuckling adventure set in Ireland towards the end of the 16th century. Jasmine has gone back in time to rescue her friend Malachy, and ends up in the middle of the schemes of the Connacht Lords and Chieftains, including the pirate queen Granuaile. Each has their own plans, aiming to use the powers that Ellyllon, Seamus and Jasmine wield, as potent weapons to further their own ends. But Ellyllon is stirring up trouble in pursuit of his own plans for revenge. This comes together in an excellent story that keeps you guessing about each characters motives, including those increasingly persuasive voices in Jasmines head. It keeps you on the edge of your seat when danger lurks, as well as evoking beautiful images of the scenery in this region of Ireland.

A fantastic novel that is a great follow up to The Joining, you won't be disappointed.

(Good Reads Reviewer)

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