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The Joining

In Book I of The Carrowkeel Series, Jasmine moves with her mum and Irish stepfather to County Roscommon in Ireland.  A visit to the Neolithic Carrowkeel Tombs awakens an ancient power inside her, and propels her into a dark, supernatural world.

This book is, in my opinion, one of the best books I have ever read. It is excellently written, very well thought out. The characters and storyline were very unique and brought a complete different side to magic and the west coast of Ireland. while read this book I was reminded of another great Irish series, Skulduggery Pleasant.

It was very entertaining because you never know what would happen next. It was funny at parts,then the next scene could be a complete turn-around and very scary.I would recommend this book fro 10+ year olds This book is complete, witha good mix between magic, thriller, horror and comedy. 

(Good Reads Reviewer)

The Joining Cover_edited.jpg
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