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Irish Dark Fantasy for St Patrick's Day.

"A man was standing at the far end of the field...He was so still, looked so lifeless with his coat billowing around him, and his feet, his ankles obscured by mud, that for one mad moment she thought he was a scarecrow, but then he began to walk towards her."

('The Joining', Book 1 of the The Carrowkeel Series, Luna Press Publishing, 2019."

Set in the West of Ireland, 'The Joining' weaves County Sligo's iconic scenery and ancient megalithics into a dark tale of mythology and magic. Moving from the neolithic Carrowkeel Tombs perched on the edge of the Bricklieve Mountains, and the shores of W B Yeat's Lough Gill, to a ruined church half buried in sand, and overlooked by Knocknarea, and Queen Mebh's tomb.

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